Television Review: Lie To Me


This television show was only aired for three seasons from 2009 to 2011 but it brings to the table something that most other cop-drama shows don’t. Not only do the characters in this show apply a science in which they are experts to solve murders, but they do a lot of other things for people other than the police. The main characters of the show aren’t unrealistically attractive or romantically accessible, but they do have different ways of appealing to the audience. The main character of the show, Cal Lightman, is coarse and controlling, but he occasionally shows heart for a client and especially for his teenage daughter Emily Lightman.

Dr. Foster is a psychiatrist who works with Dr. Lightman at his consultant group. She is kind and sensitive, but she is also strong and takes initiative despite the threatening Dr. Lightman. Luker is a young man who studies under Dr. Lightman and also practices what he calls radical honesty as is seen when he professes that he is attracted to Torres, a natural at spotting lives who comes to work with the Lightman Group.
If you love cop-drama shows as much as I do, then you’ll like Lie To Me. Dr. Lightman seems, at times, like Sherlock Holmes, reading things in people’s faces and body language. He always seems to have a plan that isn’t revealed until the very end of the episode and then every little action is explained. Some people may find this annoying, but for every action to be deliberate takes a lot of intelligence and thinking.