Seasons of Change


Coffee tastes better in the fall. There’s a renewed appreciation for the balmy ceramic between your hands and for the flavors; pumpkin and spice, an excuse to be a little more exotic. It’s an excuse to sit, to really take in this pleasurable moment you’ve set aside for this liquid warmth. Maybe you are sitting on a patio with a view of mountains or the fields that make up the uniquely serene Lava Hot Springs, Idaho landscape.

 You’re looking at the trees and grasses maturing into their final days of life as yellow, orange, crimson, and brown; colors that remind you of change and also of a beauty that can be found even in degradation. You take another sip, taste the aroma through your mouth and nose. You swallow and breath in deep. Biting into your cinnamon infused croissant, you feel the layers effortlessly squish beneath your teeth and into your gums.  You wonder if you’ve ever really tasted a pastry before this; a crispy soft delight, like the leaves gently crunching under your feet into the rain-soaked ground.  Take another sip with an affectionate swallow, pull your blanket up around your shoulders and again, breath.   You don’t notice flowers or fresh cut grass, but the sweet decay of that summer foliage and it makes you smile. It’s easier to smell when there’s less to smell; an appreciation for the scent of a flaking leaf, a drying blade of grass, and the welcoming dirt it will soon become a part of.  The cool Lava breeze reminds you of the skin on your face, and you ponder the detail of your nose, your cheeks, your forehead.  You feel alive.  A pale sky and soft sun begin to peek through flat greying clouds revealing the vibrantly misleading colors of a landscape destined for dormancy.  It’s so quiet here, so quiet that the gentle breeze sweeps away thoughts of anything but the sky, trees, grass, hills, and the warm stone carafe between your palms.