Small Town Driver


Dear Sally, I’m moving to a city this week and I’m a terrible city driver. How can I get better fast?

Driving in a city is a survival of the fittest. No one survives for long without either learning to drive better or giving up and buying a bike. Driving can cause some anxiety because you feel obligated to drive well. It’s no surprise, seeing as people aren’t afraid to tell you when you’ve done something wrong. Fortunately, there are a few things you can keep in mind as you acclimate.

The first thing you should remember is to always be aware of where you are and where you’re going. This will be hard seeing as you’re just moving to a new place, but if you pay attention while you’re out and about and don’t be afraid to map out your route before hand, driving will be easier for you. The worst driving happens when you don’t know whether or not you should turn here or whether or not this dusty, dirt road will loop around to anywhere. When you know where you need to go, it’ll be easier for you to know where you should be.

If there’s one thing drivers are notorious for, it’s being impolite: cutting people off on the freeway, passing each other illegally, and reacting distastefully when someone doesn’t want to go as fast as they are going. Be courteous to other people and you’ll be safer. Move out of someone’s way if they want to be pushy and try not to be spiteful.

The good thing about living in a city is that you’ll get used to moving around and reacting to the environment.