Don’t Say Gay


Russia’s fairly new president, Vladimir Putin, has revolutionized the way to combat the ever progressing homosexual community. Putin has passed a new law that will keep any homosexual propaganda out of the hands of minors in Russia. Some say this is terrible, others say it is wonderful.

“People should be able to choose for themselves the life they want to live,” Sonya Bartnev of Moscow, Russia told us at a gay pride riot on Thursday.

“I love this law,” Abram Ivinski of St. Petersburg told us after a protest outside of his work in the city. “I am a father and I don’t want my children to have any knowledge of what filth is out there.”

Riots have been ensuing all throughout Russia against this new law. “All Out”, an organization that is “Adding people power to the historic fight for LGBT equality” has broadcast to the world what is going on in Russia and has set up a fund to keep “Coming Out”, a resource center meant to help those who are considering “coming out of the closet”, open and running as Russia has brought it to bankruptcy. “If we keep quiet and let President Putin get away with attacking Russian gay, lesbian, bi and trans people with no response, he’ll just keep hitting harder and harder. And worse – it would give a green light for any smaller, less powerful nations who’re wondering if they can get away with stepping up attacks on their own people,” All Out stated in an email to supporters.

Even the Olympics committee has begun to fight against this law that “…allows the Russian government to arrest and detain gay or “pro-gay” foreigners for up to 14 days prior to their eventual expulsion from the country.” The Olympics committee told Gay Star News, “[We] would like to reiterate our long commitment to non-discriminate against those taking part in the Olympic Games.”

Putin is trying to get any pro-gay propaganda out of minor’s hands. Anything that could possibly turn one of his citizens gay must be exterminated. “If everyone becomes gay,” he said at a press conference. “Then I will have no more people to rule over, everyone will die out.” And he is quite right, if everyone is practicing homosexual behavior, where will more subjects come from? How will that affect the economy? How will the rest of the world view Russia? There are so many things to consider when looking at Russia’s new law. And who knows, maybe it will, in the end, save us all.