The Hostess Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation


“The greatest comeback in the history of ever!”  Hostess snacks are returning to shelves as the business is being revived by Metropoulos & Co.  Metropoulos & Co. is known for buying suffering companies, such as Carl’s Jr., and making a profit on the product.  And that is exactly what they are doing now with the Hostess company.

The hostess treats were taken off of the shelves in 2012 due to the bad job market.  Some speculate it was the union that caused the company’s bankruptcy, others say that it was because American’s, surprisingly, no longer find twinkies and other hostess snacks appealing.

When hostess first announced its bankruptcy plans, people went crazy over the snacks.  Many people bought enormous amounts of hostess food to store in their freezers to satisfy their imminent nostalgia.  Others sold Twinkies and Snowballs to make profit, everyone believing that Hostess was gone for good.

Now that Metropoulos & Co. has announced the company’s comeback all the fears of lost dreams and childhood memories can be wiped away with a beautiful, golden twinkie.  “There have been several fakes coming out,” the CEO of Metropoulos & Co. told us last Thursday.  “I know I personally couldn’t stand the idea of not having twinkies in my cupboard.  Twinkies are an American classic, that’s how we always shared family time, around a box of Twinkies.”

Metropoulos & Co. plans on reorganizing the company in a way to make more money and be more efficient.

“There is plenty of money to be made out of Hostess,” Metropoulos & Co. commented at a press conference in New York last month.  “We plan on refining the system of the company to make it more efficient to get more Twinkies in more customer’s hands…  Rest assured that your favorite Hostess snacks, including Twinkies, Snowballs, and CupCakes, will be available at your local grocery store by the end of this summer.”

Deep breaths are being taken all over the country as Hostess restocks the shelves with their delicious treats.

Now that Metropoulos & Co. have got a hold of the company it’s safe to say that Twinkies will be here to stay.