Supermarket mayhem


The single, most annoying thing a cashier can ask you is; ‘Did you find everything okay?’

Obviously the answer is no. No one wants to admit that they’ve been wandering around the store for the last hour and a half, trying to find the toilet paper. Don’t ask cashiers for directions to an item either. They spend all their time up at the front of the store. They probably haven’t even been back there before.

They’ll try, though. They’ll say things like they think it’s back by the baby strollers or that it might be past the hair products, but they don’t really know.

If they weren’t chained to the cash registers, you probably wouldn’t see them at all. Whenever you do want to find an employee for help, they’re nowhere to be found. And when you actually have a handle on things, they won’t leave you alone. Every four seconds you’re bombarded with sickly sweet offers of help.

What stores really need is an app not unlike Google Maps. All you have to do is transfer your shopping list to the app and it would locate each item in the store and create a pathway for you to follow that would get you in and out of there as fast as possible. It would also tell you what items are in stock so that you don’t have to walk halfway across the store only to find that there isn’t any left of what you wanted.

The app would also detect everything in your cart and keep a running total of the cost, tax included. There’s no better way to make shopping less difficult.