Today while perusing Fox News on my phone I came across something that immediately caught my attention.  I clicked on the business category and it took me to a parked pay-per-click advertising page hosted by a company named Sedo. “Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace and domain parking provider based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cologne, Germany. Wikipedia” It was obvious something was wrong. I looked at the address bar in my phone and noticed the website was; a misspelling of the intended destination address.

I certainly can’t identify myself as a professional web developer, but I’ve been dabbling in the field for a few years now so I know a little. I could easily be wrong, but it seems counter intuitive that it would only be happening to this one article. Site wide (mobile), anytime you click on the Business category tab it should take you to the same place regardless of what article you are viewing unless there has been some very specific changes made to the article and/or category. This makes it hard for me to believe its just a typo by a Fox news developer.

I emailed Fox News and notified them of the issue earlier this afternoon and have yet to receive a response.

For me, as the founder of the fledgling and a bonafide news junkie, I find this both exciting and interesting. If its a developer mistake then it gives me solace to see world class professionals aren’t perfect amidst my mind numbing frustration from being determined to make my small town news site into a world class product.  On the other hand if it was hacked then that means Fox News was exactly that; hacked, which means, albeit by happen stance and however subtle, I discovered a real national news story.

I’ll post an update when/if I receive a response from Fox News.


Update 3/10/2014

Still no response from Fox News and the problem seems to be getting worse. It seems that now when clicking on the business category from almost any article within the science category they misdirect you to the Sedo parked page. I’m very surprised they haven’t resolved this issue yet.